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Teaching Teenagers to be happier one small habit at a time

Rare Bird Learning

1:1 Executive Functioning Coaching

I teach teenagers how to be happier with small but mighty habits aligned with meaningful goals. I support unique learners to strengthen executive functioning skills and habits with individualized, practical methods to support not just how to get things done with increased organization, focus, and time management, but also how to decrease stress and overwhelm with strategies for emotional regulation.

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The Plournal – Free printable monthly success planner/journal for happily imperfect students.

The Plournal is based on a few simple principles that I know from personal and professional experience about how to make life work with more ease and happiness when you have executive function weaknesses. This plournal keeps students focused on small actions, simple priorities, but with lots of space to dream, declutter that working memory and be imperfect. (PS: Works for non-students, too:)

Free Plournal, please!

Happy Grades Online Course

For students who could use a fresh, new perspective on traditional school habits and study strategies to go from “meh” to motivated for true success in school and beyond. Learn the 4 simple and effective pillars I use with all of my clients to brighten up habits with practical strategies that come from the science of happiness and the science of learning. A great go-to source for educators who support them as well.

Happy Grades Online Course


Hi, I’m Tricia.

I teach teenagers how to be happier.

Not in the short term, distracted, materialistic, culturized, digitized sense of the word – they have that part pretty well figured out.

I’m talking about the kind of happiness that comes with a sense of purpose, that lasts long term, surfaces to keep you going when you have something boring or overwhelming to do, and keeps a little light on for you when you’re going through a dark patch. 

Since school is a big part of a teenager’s life, a lot of what I teach is how to get stuff done for school with more effectiveness, purpose, and confidence. 

Way back in 2000, I pursued a Masters in Teaching Secondary Language Arts from Tufts University because teaching high school English was the least boring thing I could think of to do for a career. The more I taught, the more my reputation for supporting students who did not fit the traditional school mold grew and I found my calling.

Throughout my 20+ year career as a high school teacher and learning specialist in a variety of public and private schools, I have always scoured books, articles, and podcasts in the fields of productivity, positive psychology, executive functioning, the nature and science of learning, and self-awareness to find the nuggets that would most help my students who were struggling to get stuff done and make progress at school. (And because I share a lot of similarities with my clients, myself, too!) 

There are some great ideas in both the new science of learning and old wisdom traditions about happiness and success, but they are usually written in books for adults. I take the most relevant strategies and ideas in those books and re-create them as actionable tools that students can get their hands and eyes on, or in some cases their feet, ears, and noses. 

I like to emphasize what isn’t taught at schools about how to be truly happy and successful. I find that when I blend that wisdom with the executive functioning strategies they need to get things done, students feel happier, their grades rise, and parents feel like they can take a step back.

Want to know my secrets? Ha! They aren’t so secret. Most of this stuff is sitting around in books on psychology and neuroscience, as well as ancient wisdom traditions, but is rarely seen by teenagers in school in a way that it sticks.

Want to see it for yourself?

4 of my favorite printable tools that your student can put into action right away to go from overwhelmed and stuck to more motivated and happily productive.

Praise for Rare Bird Learning


Parent of a 12th grade student in Decatur, Ga


Parent of an 11th grade student at the Paideia School in Atlanta, GA


9th grade student at Decatur High School


Parent of a 12th grade homeschool student in Decatur, GA


what’s working at rare bird learning

Parents and Educators, this part is for you!

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