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Executive Functioning Support with an impact on true happiness

About Rare Bird Learning

Hi, Rare Bird. I’m Tricia.

I have been teaching teenagers how to be happier, one small habit, strategy, and routine at a time for over 20 years as a high school inclusion teacher, Learning Specialist, and teacher-leader. And if you’re here, I bet you’re curious about how to do that too. 

Since school is a big part of a teenager’s life, a lot of what I teach about is how to get stuff done at school with more effectiveness, purpose, and confidence. 

A lot has changed since I began my education career over 20 years ago. However, in my experience in public, private, charter, and home school environments one thing has always been the same. Just like most of us, teenagers want to be happy, but their misguided attempts to deal with (or avoid) all the discomfort of adolescent development and the increasing demands of school gets in the way.

I like to emphasize what isn’t taught at schools about how to be truly happy and successful. I find that when I blend the wisdom found in positive psychology with the cognitive science of executive functioning, students decrease stress and increase self-efficacy, sense of purpose, and motivation. And the process is a whole lot more meaningful and fun to teach too. 

And, I’ve discovered this works for adults too! Adults who struggle with overwhelm or underwhelm with the demands of keeping up with day to day life also greatly benefit from my unique approach to coaching for more space, joy, and clarity along the way towards reaching meaningful goals.

Want my secrets? Ha! They aren’t so secret. A lot of it comes from established research fields with some ancient tried and true wisdom that’s been there all along. The information is all out there, I just have a knack for making it accessible and more fun to learn about and try. Click the button below to get the FREE Happy Grades Starter Kit.

Learn the 4 pillars that hold up my method and get 4 actionable, effective tools you can put to use with your students right away.


Parent of a 10th Grade Student

“Thank you for coaching him on his academic work and stress management as well.  He always seems really happy after his sessions with you and proudly tells me his plans for how to handle work and stress that you two discuss.”

High School Senior at the Paideia School in Atlanta, GA

“I feel much better now. When we started I had a huge problem with not really listening and paying attention and not having much motivation. And that was on top of procrastinating and having a bunch of work I wouldn’t have the motivation to do. But now I have a better scheudle, I work more regularly and I’m more organized. I’m not getting distracted – well, actually I still do, but I can pull myself back.”

Mother of a Senior Homeschool Student in Decatur, GA

“This is stuff she is going to take with her for the rest of her life. She is so happy. And she is really learning from you. She’s getting more independent.”


Work with Me

Joyful EF: Executive Function Coaching For Adults

Feeling a bit scattered these days? Wishing there was a better way to create some habits and systems to finally feel on track towards more success on happiness, but without sacrificing more time trying to fit your beautiful self in to the square peg of yet another set of one size fits all advice? Learn how to create systems and habits to get out of overwhelm, underwhelm, and stuckness, and create more joy and success on your unique terms.

Happy Grades Book

So excited to announce that I have signed a book deal with How2Conquer Publishing so I can share my unique and powerful approach with more students, parents, and educators. Launching Fall 2023.

Executive Function Coaching for Students

Helping students to go from stuck to proactive in learning the tools, strategies, and habits that will be most effective in their happiness and success. If you have a student in 8th grade through college who needs support with issues with focus, procrastination, academic stress, time management, or planning, I can help them gain skills and habits for greater independence and confidence in their potential. Contact me for more information.

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Inspiring tips and free, practical tools to support joyful executive functioning. Small steps, big impact.