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Praise for Rare Bird Learning

Executive Function Coaching with an Impact on True Happiness

Parent of a 12th grade student in Decatur, Ga


There is no doubt that your work with Z is having a big impact. She is thriving, and it seems to me, enjoying life more than ever. She’s on top of her work like never before, and, not unrelated to that, more confident than she’s ever been. It’s exciting to see her work to her fullest potential.

Parent of an 11th grade student in Atlanta, GA


When he got home from work, he seemed enthusiastic to talk about your session and brainstorm ideas for how he can stay focused on completing work after school – a time when is typically very tempted to sleep, look at his phone, etc. – I’m excited about the progress he’ll certainly make with you this semester.

9th grade student in Decatur, GA


I feel much better now. When we started I had a huge problem with not really listening and paying attention and not having much motivation. And that was on top of procrastinating and having a bunch of work that I wouldn’t have the motivation to do. But now that I have a better schedule, I work more regularly and I’m more organized. I’m not getting distracted – well, actually, I still do, but I can pull myself back.

Parent of a 10th grade student at the Paideia School in Atlanta, GA


It’s helped me back off of her and let her fly on her own. She’s so much happier this year. You are so key in that. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Parent of a 10th grade student in Atlanta, GA

Stress Reduction

Thank you for coaching him on his academic work and stress management as well.  He always seems really happy after his sessions with you and proudly tells me his plans for how to handle work and stress that you two discuss.

Susannah Cole, Executive Function Coach and Co-Author of Flexible Mindsets in Schools 


One thing I really appreciate about Tricia is how she finds student-friendly language for everything which makes learning accessible and fun


How can I help you?

While my 1:1 EF coaching spots are usually full, I do reserve space in my schedule for strategy sessions. In 50 minutes, we can look at your most pressing issues and strategize some concrete action steps you can take to move forward. Great for teachers, academic coaches, parents, and students. Contact me below and let me know how I can help you.